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Hans Lehrach

Professor Hans Lehrach is director (em.) of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin. He has held positions at Harvard University (USA), EMBL (Germany) and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, UK. 

Prof. Lehrach is author of more than 1000 publications and 24 patents, is a fellow of the AAAS, and holds the Ján Jessenius SAS Medal of Honour (2003), the Karl Heinz Beckurts Award (2004) and the Gusi Prize (2015) in recognition of his achievements in medical sciences. He was co-ordinator of ‘ITFoM: IT Future of Medicine’ (www.itfom.eu), a finalist of the FET Flagship Call, which has established a strong technological roadmap and network of partners from 33 countries. In a new initiative, Prof. Lehrach represents a growing network of research institutions, industry representatives, scientists and patient groups that share a long-term vision for sustainable health care (www.futurehealtheurope.eu).

Prof. Lehrach has founded several biotechnology companies such as Sequana Therapeutics, GPC Biotech, Scienion, Prot@gen, PSF Biotech, Atlas Biolabs. He is founder of the Berlin-based company Alacris Theranostics GmbH, specialising in the development of new approaches for personalised medicine for cancer patient diagnosis, treatment and drug stratification. He is chairman of the Supervisory Board and scientific advisor of the company since 2008. In 2010 he founded the non-for-profit research institute The Dahlem Centre for Genome Research and Medical Systems Biology (DCGMS).



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